Save Your Teeth with Crowns

Save Your Tooth with Dental Crowns

Although it may not be something that you would think of getting because you likely want to preserve your natural tooth for as long as possible, sometimes dental crowns are required to keep the integrity of your tooth and the symmetry of your smile intact.

Dental crowns are used in dentistry for a variety of reasons:

  • To cover unsightly and extremely cracked or chipped teeth
  • To improve the cosmetic look of your smile
  • To cover up dental implants
  • To protect a tooth that is already in danger of breaking.
  • To help restore a tooth that may have been ground down by teeth clenching or grinding
  • To be used as dental bride harnesses
  • To cover large fillings
  • To prevent further damage or decay in children who lack sufficient oral hygiene.

Our Key Dental West End Office offers several different types of crowns to our patients. The crowns come in the following materials: metal, stainless steel. Gold, metal alloys, porcelain, resin and ceramic.

The following are examples of the different types of crowns that are available:

  • Stainless Steel – Generally used temporarily to protect the tooth while a permanent crown is being manufactured.
  • Other Metals/Alloys – These can be made of Gold, Nickel or Chromium.
  • Ceramic or Porcelain –The most realistic and best quality for your needs.
  • Porcelain with Metal Fusion – Made to match your existing teeth.
  • Resin – The most affordable option.

Please consult the Key Dental West End office to see if you a dental crown is the right fit for your cosmetic dental or traditional dental needs.