Digital X-Rays


X-rays are an essential part of diagnosis during your oral exam. X-rays help detect problems that may not be visible by naked eye. These help detect caries between the teeth or recurrent decay under the old fillings. They also help us detect problems such as bone loss around the teeth, impacted teeth, infections, cysts, tumours and even cancer. Digital X-rays emit 70% less radiation than conventional film X-rays. They are also more clear which makes them more accurate in diagnosing potential problems.


Our clinic is equipped with the latest of digital X-ray radiography. During your first visit in our clinic, in conjunction with a comprehensive oral exam, we take a pair of small bitewing X-rays and if needed a larger panoramic X-ray to provide a complete assessment of your teeth and oral condition. If you have had X-rays taken in the past two years, we can attempt to acquire them from your previous dentist.

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