How do you care for your denture?


Dentures are fragile and must be handled with care. On a daily basis, you should remove and brush your dentures with a special denture brush and while using specific denture toothpastes or cleansers. Using harsh or abrasive toothpastes or cleaners on your dentures is not advised as they will scratch the surface of the denture and make them more susceptible to housing germs and stains. Boiling dentures in water is not advises as it will warp the dentures and they will no longer fit properly. Partial dentures should be removed before brushing natural teeth and when not in use should be soaked in a denture cleanser or plain water. Having a denture specific location will help you keep track of your denture and help keep you from misplacing the denture.

Dentures should be worn as much as possible during the first couple weeks of ownership, however, removing them at night is advised. Removing your dentures for at least eight hours within a 24 hour day is advised because it allows your gums to rest and interact with the normal stimulation and saliva that is natural. Allowing your gums to breathe will allow them to have overall better health.

As with natural teeth, you will want to continue your regularly schedule dental checkups with dentures too.  A dentist will be able to verify the fit of your dentures, the health of your gums as well as scanning for any signs of cancer or disease.  In addition to regular teeth cleaning, the dentist will assess how the denture fits your bone as you age. Bones will shrink and recede as part of the aging process.  To help prevent bone loss, avoid using denture adhesives for long periods of time and make sure you have proper fitting dentures.