Key Dental Provides Dental Care for the Elderly


Dr.Keyhan and his dental team are pleased to provide oral care for everyone, from children to elderly patients in the English Bay area in Downtown Vancouver. In this article we will discuss some of the treatment available to the elderly.

1. Tooth Decay Created by Long term wear and tear
With the passage of time, tooth grinding can lead to chips and cracks on a person’s teeth . This can lead to advanced tooth decay, and structural issues that can negatively impact oral health. The Key Dental Team provides a number of restorative solutions that remedy this problem.

2. Periodontitis or Gum Disease
Many people neglect visiting their dentist regularly and this leads to a higher likelihood of developing gum disease in your advanced years. We provide solutions to this as well, including some treatments for gum recession to counteract the loss of gum tissue.

3. Solutions for Missing Teeth
This is a common problem for people with age that had to opt for dental extractions. When tooth recovery is not an option, dental implants are a great alternative to maintain the shape of your facial features. A more economical option are partial or full dentures. Depending on the extent of your missing teeth, a dental bridge may be a viable treatment option as well. Dr.Keyhan would be happy to assist you in determining the best solution for your as each patient is unique.


We welcome you to visit our clinic in west end, located a minute away from English Bay, next to the Starbucks on Denman & Davie. If you’re an elderly client, know that you should be going for regular screenings as the changes of developing a disease increase with age. During your visit, we will take x-rays to ensure that all health risks are identified and taken care of early.