5 Reason To Love Dental Cleaning


  1. Cavity Prevention – Without proper brushing, a whitish film builds up on your teeth which is known as plaque. Plaque, if not removed will harden and is known as the leading cause of tooth decay. Tooth enamel is eaten away from the acidic substances that are in plaque. Brushing and cleaning your teeth can remove plaque and help prevent unnecessary tooth decay.


  1. Brighter Smile – Many of today’s drinks such as coffee, tea, soda and wine can all leave unsightly staining on your teeth if used often enough. Even smoking can leave undesirable brown staining on your teeth. Dental cleaning helps to remove built up stains and leaves you teeth whiter and brighter!


  1. Tooth Loss Everted – The loss of teeth can be devastating and can be caused by gum disease which starts with built up plaque deposits on the teeth. Gum disease is one of the major causes to tooth loss in adults. As gums receded during gum disease, plaque will move further down the bum line and into the lower tooth and bone eventually causing the tooth to fall out. Regular Dental Cleanings greatly reduce the risk of tooth loss when combined with good dental hygiene.


  1. Increase Your Attraction – Oral Hygiene is a fantastic way to prevent bad breath. A good dental cleaning will ensure that you are getting your mouth completely clean and therefore odor-free. A fresher breathe is more attractive!


  1. Save Money – Good dental care prevents larger and more costly dental procedures.  Protect your oral health with good dental cleanings!